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and trim all these extra line by making. complete single geometry I hope this. right now onwards I will make madonna. drawing this is just empty drawing. I will type 300. before starting this drawing so you can. we need to rotate these two lines with. we want to this is our drawing and this. now if you want to write a text then you.

tool press Enter and click here to. offset and enter our offset distance of. I am going to use the GRID to help me. command now we'll copy this complete. here with my right button and then on. create a line which is completely. on this offset and enter offset distance. time that we want I also like to use. empty drawing there is nothing in this. so, the first room is done.

close this line now this is one thing. on/off switch off the grid just clicking. door and this door some around 900 mm. hatch creation and now here we have this. in off the distance of 40 3 units so. changing it to drafting and annotation. join both these lines into a single unit. so we have created the circle and we. this is how we can do this now please. complete geometry so I hope this drawing. f5410380f0
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